Workshop of selected Actors in Jaipur

Summer camp – our film needed young actors for which to cast we travelled all over the country and auditioned lot of young kids. Finally we had our core cast. We believed that before the new bunch of talent is taken in front of camera its better that we give them an atmosphere to know each other, know the team who is behind the camera too and understand the character with a basic understanding of the craft of acting.. we organized the workshop of Acting of selected actors in Jaipur in month of June 2017.

In 4 Days Workshop, we covered –
  • Photoshoot of actors
  • Stop motion teasers of actors
  • Acting workshop by the Director
  • Watching a play
  • Acting workshop by theater personality – Mr. Mehmood Alam and last but not the least
  • Interaction between themselves.

Result – The comfort level of all the actors in their performance in the final product – Film - Summer Camp

Shimmers Mega Event

Our Partner Shimmers – with them we collaborated which resulted in giving our actors a platform where they went on stage like stars, they did ramp walking and interacted with public and fans and stole the show.

Introduction of Shimmers –